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Julie Brown

I am a passionate relationship builder. I always look for similarities between people, finding ways to relate on multiple levels, to fully understand where people are coming from and what is important to them. Seventeen years in the AEC industry has rewarded me with friendships and connections to industry professionals and businesses. Like them, you can trust me to identify and connect the dots to help achieve your business development goals.

Beyond Business

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Do you love to run? With three Boston Marathons to my credit I always feel a connection to other long-distance runners. They have an unmistakable tenacity and grit and when I discover someone is a runner, whether long or short distance, long-time or new to it, we become fast friends and peers.

Not a runner? What about traveling? It is said that traveling makes you modest, that it exposes you to how tiny your place in the world actually is. I return from every trip with new stories to tell, new ideas to share, and new ways in which to connect with people.

Traveling not your thing? Well then, let’s eat.

I remember watching Julia Child as a child, turning the channel selector knob to PBS on the old TV in my Nana’s living room. I fell in love with cooking then, and to this day I find that preparing and sharing a meal with others is one of the sincerest ways to connect and build relationships. Julia Child said “Learn how to cook – try new recipes. Learn from your mistakes. Be fearless and above all, have fun.” It’s a philosophy that easily translates to business as well.

Meet Royce


HELLO! I’m Royce, and as you can see I’m handsome as all get out. I mean, check out the shine on this coat. I am Chocolate Lab/German Shorthaired Pointer mix; and if you ask me I really got the best of both breeds.

I take my job at the office very seriously, my typical daily tasks include greeting clients and collaborators at the front door, sitting in on meetings (generally under the conference table), making sure the employees get enough exercise (by taking me for a walk), and ensuring a fun and relaxed office environment.

How can Julie help improve your business?