Don’t Rush It

Trying to rush your business instead of letting it grow naturally isn’t healthy for you or your business, and this is how I, over the past six weeks, have come to that realization.

It was bound to happen.

When you ski as many days as I do, always in the trees and the moguls, an injury of some sort becomes inevitable.

For me, it was a dislocated shoulder. Have any of you ever experienced this? It doesn’t tickle, in fact, the pain was so blinding that I passed out while I was waiting to be x-rayed. After it was determined that it was safe to put the shoulder back into the socket, it took two men and winch to do it. (I wish it had taken a wench, because I really could have used a couple of beers right then.)

What I didn’t realize at that point was the time it was going to take to recover from an injury that literally took a split second to happen.

Three weeks in a sling, under strict orders not to move the arm at all. Once out of the sling, PT exercises every day to try and teach the arm to move again, to gain back range of motion and strength.

It’s frustrating, to say the least. I just want to go back to doing all the things I was doing before the accident, like skiing, running, oh and little things like washing my own hair or opening a jar of pickles (I love pickles).

But, the advice I hear over and over again from everyone, medical professionals and laymen alike, is “Don’t Rush It.”

If I try to rush the recovery I may end up doing more harm and increase the recovery time even more. 

Which makes me ask, why do we rush ourselves in our businesses? Why do we expect to be an overnight success, grow our businesses at irrational rates, or put undue expectations on the speed in which we are supposed to have “arrived.”

Why don’t we take it slow and steady, and make sure we are taking care of ourselves in the process of building our businesses?

Because all the noise out their suggests that if we aren’t growing rapidly, then we aren’t doing it right. That we are somehow failing in our business if the trajectory of the company isn’t a straight line up to the right. The truth is nothing in business is a straight line. It goes up and down and sideways and sometimes it goes backwards before it goes forward again.

Your job is to stay the course, don’t rush it and believe that wherever you are, and however long it took to get you there is the right pace for you.



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