Party Time! JB|BD Open House

JB|BD Open House

Many entrepreneurs and new business owners might have a difficult time deciding to have an open house, given the cost and time it takes to plan and execute a successful event.

I totally understand.

Looking back on my first year in business (and having successfully filed my first corporate tax return), I was somewhat shocked at how many business expenses I had paid over the first year, rent, computers, office furniture, office supplies, office improvements, and many many more.

I began to understand why they say the first year in business is the most difficult. But this is also why I wanted to celebrate, and open my office up to all the people that had encouraged and supported me over the past year. I wanted people to see that the business is grounded and has a home. And I wanted to offer thanks to my amazing network, for without them JB|BD would not exist.

If you are thinking about having an open house here are some tips that helped me plan and execute my first open house.


Pick a Date :You want to pick a date that doesn’t fall on a holiday or one that conflicts with another major local industry event.

Set A Budget: List all the items that you will need for your event and set an estimated and acceptable budgeted cost for each item.

Hire Professionals: Hire a caterer to provide food, snacks, etc. Hire a bartender to serve drinks at the event. Hire a photographer to capture the event. Hire a band to create a fun and festive mood and atmosphere for the party. Budget for each of these professionals accordingly.

Send detailed invitations and Track RSVP’s: Use an online event planning website to send out invitations and keep track of RSVP’s so you can properly plan the amount of food, beverages, etc.

Have A Rain Date: I learned the hard way that you can’t control the weather, when a blizzard was forecast for the day of my open house. Make sure you have a backup date set with your professionals in case you need to move the date of the event and use your online event planning website to alert all RSVP’s and potential attendees of the date change.

Have Fun and Try To Spend Time With Each Guest: This step is probably the most difficult, but you have to try and relax and spend a little bit of time with each of your guests. You’ve hired professionals to take care of the food, beverages and ambiance so focus on having fun with your guests, that’s what this is all about.

Make Sure the Party Reflects Your Personality: I knew for my party I wanted amazing wine, food and music that was what was important to me, and what my guests expected and deserved. Make the party authentically you!

My party was exactly what I wanted it to be, great friends, wonderful wine, music, laughter and dancing. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end year one and kick off year two!


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