Business Development for the A/E/C Industry

What to Expect?

DSC_5108So what exactly is Business Development? It’s a good question that I’ve been asked more than once. Business Development, as I practice it, is an intricate and fascinating discipline that identifies and connects all the dots to create long-term value for my clients. Successful business development creates strong and enduring relationships built on a foundation of trust and respect.

As your Business Development consultant our relationship will start by gathering the leadership of your company. We will discuss where you’ve been and where you want to go. Then I’ll employ my knowledge of the industry, paired with highly developed strategic thinking and planning skills to connect the dots that will increase your influence and market share.

One pivotal aspect of Business Development is maintaining constant visibility in the marketplace, identifying and exploiting industry organizations and events. Enhanced market intelligence and increased opportunities for new networking and relationship building result. As your Business Development Consultant I will be your eyes, ears and face.

Every company needs new and interesting opportunities to thrive, to grow and to keep employees interested and challenged by their work. Through our relationships, connections, interactions and market visibility we will generate a dynamic opportunity pipeline. Each and every potential project will have actionable next steps to nurture and move it through the lead process to a successful conclusion.

3 Steps to Success


    We analyze the company history and relationships, determine target clients, create market visibility plan and set business development budget.


    We will build our foundation with continued research, target client meetings, network expansion, increased market visibility and qualified lead generation.


    Making things happen is the essence of Business Development. The effort put into Kickoff, Strategy and Foundation will be our plan for ongoing execution and a successful Business Development relationship.

What are the results?

Results come with time, not overnight. Before we begin our working relationship we will determine what a successful collaboration with JB|BD looks like to your company. With that knowledge we will combine research, strategy, relationships and actions to achieve your goals. A little progress everyday will lead to big results.

  • Increased Market Visibility
  • Industry Network Growth
  • Target Client Meetings
  • Qualified Lead Generation
  • Have Fun Doing It!