The Art of the Party Tasting Notes

We started off this festive night with a whirl around the tasting room sipping the night’s signature cocktail, the Dancing Scotsman. This cocktail turned everyone’s claims of “I don’t drink scotch” into “Please Carri can I have another, and I need this recipe?”

Here’s the recipe so you can make this fabulous cocktail at your next holiday gathering, especially the one that involves your in-laws.

Dancing Scotsman
1 oz Scotch (Sheep’s Dip)
1 oz Honey Simple Syrup (1 part honey to 1 part water)
1 oz Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice
Sparkling Wine (Roederer Estate)
Lemon Twist

Combine the first three ingredients in a cocktail shaker, add ice, and shake until chilled. Strain into a coupe glass. Top with 2 oz of sparkling wine. Garnish with a lemon twist.  

This point in the night is where we learned that if you want to indulge in a little Cristal you need only go to Glenn’s house and hang out in his basement where he stashes the stuff by the case. Knock knock Glenn, it’s me, and I am parched!

Onto the wines…..

“Bring the pure wine of love and freedom. But sir, a tornado is coming. 
More wine, we’ll teach this storm a thing or two about whirling.” ― Rumi

Domaine Schlumberger Pinot Blanc
We can sum this one up in two words. Delicious and Affordable, two of my favorite things. Are you having Chardonnay fatigue? If you answered yes then you need to start drinking this wine. Pinot Blanc is a full bodied wine that pairs well with lighter fare and soft cheeses, so bring it to your next holiday party and break out of the cougar juice rut.

Ch. Clos de Vaulicheres Epineuil Bourgogne Rouge
Think you can’t get an affordable pinot that still maintains the precious characters of the more expensive offerings? Well, think again because this wine has done just that. And! Because everyone knows that I love drinking wine from a Big Ass Glass (one day I’ll steal Carri’s during a tasting) this wine allows me to break out my special Pinot glasses which are almost as big as my face.

Requiem Cabernet Sauvignon
Requiem takes biodynamics and puts it on crack. Their website states that their winemaking philosophy involves aligning their agricultural process to the spiritual forces of the cosmos. Listen, I don’t know if they are really dialed into the cosmos and exist on a different plane than us over here, but what I do know is that this wine was de-lic-ious, period. I don’t even care if this wine pairs well with anything because it was so good on its own, I’m pretty much just pouring myself a glass and enjoying it just the way it is.

The night was made even more festive with so many cheesy giveaways. Tracey, Rebecca, Gabrielle, Emma and Kara were the big winners of the wine related swag. And! Shannon Smith was the winner of the BRIX six raffle! I’m so lucky she is my friend as I’m sure she will feel obliged to share it with me!

Cheers everyone and here’s to holidays!

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