The Importance of Rescuers

With the world transfixed on the amazing efforts to rescue the boys trapped in the cave in Thailand I began to think about the word rescue and all it’s meanings.





  1. save (someone) from a dangerous or distressing situation.


  1. an act of saving or being saved from danger or distress.

Not every rescue is as obvious as the one that happened in Thailand yesterday. Can you think back to moments in your life when someone rescued you, if only in a small way, by entering your life at the right time, giving you advice that has helped you through difficult situations, or maybe the way someone can make you laugh even when your soul is grieving.

It feels good to be rescued, so why don’t we allow ourselves to be rescued more often, or to be the rescuer that goes the extra mile either through charity, honesty, friendship or love.

When I look back on it, I’ve been rescued more times than I know, by people that might not even know the impact they had on me in the moment. If feels good to be rescued, and even better to rescue others  – like Royce and Maddie, two of my best rescues!


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