she knows everybody.

Julie Brown
Business Strategist



Identify differentiators, assess strengths and leverage company experience. Combine that with up to date market intelligence, strategic visibility and existing relationships.


Business development is impossible without the ability to build lasting relationships based on trust, respect and regard. I have been building these industry relationships my entire career.


Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out. With your goals identified I will work everyday to put the pieces together to achieve these goals and together we will find success!

Client Collaborations

As a professional Business Development consultant JB|BD works with companies to organize and streamline their Business Development Strategy and Outreach. Click below to see who we are currently collaborating with.

What’s Happening?


  • That event rocked!!! I seriously had SO MUCH FUN. I totally lost my voice. I ran into women I knew but hadn’t seen in a while, women I recognized from industry events but had never had a chance to chat with, and new women in our industry to meet for the first time – all awesome! You have a serious talent for bringing people together and making connections –and fabulous ideas. I’m happy to be part of your circle!

    Carter Williams LDa Architects
  • "Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to meet with the Pinck team at our Boston office on Friday, January 22nd. It was a great pleasure meeting you. Your drive and passion for connecting people is quite dynamic and impressive. I wanted to personally thank you for all of the great tips.

    m at our
    Boston office on Friday, January 22
    . It was a great pleasure meeting you. Your drive
    and passion for connecting people is quite dynamic and impressive. I
    wanted to
    personally thank you for all of the great tips.
    Kelly Claffey Pinck & Co., Inc.
  • I just want to say thank you again!!!!! It was a real pleasure getting to know you and Chris as well as everyone else. I know it’s not easy herding cats but you make it seem effortless.Thanks again I had a blast and to confirm I am reserving a seat at our ASID table for you.

    Chris Magliozzi FBN Construction
  • Julie should run a Master class on networking!  With boundless energy and an infectious personality, she turns a “nice to meet you” handshake into a trusting relationship. Small talk is not in her vocabulary- rather she is genuinely interested in learning about the people she meets and then finding ways to successfully connect those people to create lasting partnerships. It is why she is so admired and respected.

    Joanne DiFrancesco JD Communications / President
  • Julie Brown is unforgettable, passionate and a known leader in driving results in the business development world of New England. Julie has been building relationships with decision makers for decades and has earned their trust and dedication. Hiring an in house sales person can be challenging. First you have the find the right person. train and dedicate funds and time to them and then wait results. When Julie told me about her new business endeavor I thought it was just brilliant! If you were able to surpass the majority of the investment and have someone create an introduction bridge to some of your  biggest target clients wouldn't you jump at the opportunity? Well, Julie is providing just that. Hiring Julie gains you access to relationships that can seem inaccessible. Julie has the ability to have lasting relationships that we rarely find in today's marketplace. She is a powerful woman with instant access to your future growth. And just to top it off, she has a beautiful golf swing!

    Monica Moore PuroClean
  • Julie is interesting and interested. Her knowledge of the academic markets, challenges, trends and opportunities make her a force in the industry. Oh, yeah, and when working with her. Prepare to have fun!“

    Jaqueline Falla Elaine Construction
  • Julie is great at not only making relationships but maintaining them. A lot of people struggle with the maintenance part of BD, but not Julie.  She has a great way of connecting with people and to say she has a vivacious personality would be a huge understatement. Julie has a true passion for what she does, she loves to connect with people and she treats her contacts more like personal friends than business relationships.

    Renee Driscoll AZ Corp
  • A successful business development professional, Julie has nearly two decades of experience servicing the design and construction industry. Her vast network of contacts help her make the right connections at the right time. She is focused, hardworking, persistent and goal driven. She creates long-lasting relationships with all of her clients, turning them into true friendships. Those that are fortunate to work with her will certainly see a positive impact on their organization.

    Tracey Hartford Windover Construction
  • I attended Julie Brown’s client panel entitled “Great Expectations, the Role of Business Development in Higher Education Procurement” at the SMPS Northeast Regional Conference. Through her thoughtful questions and conversational speaking style – mixed with her unique sense of levity – Julie accomplished what few moderators do: draw out valuable and insightful information from end users so that we – as business developers and marketers – can build relationships through an understanding of key issues, and have our project teams deliver services successfully to these clients.

    Jason Vesuvio Faithful + Gould
  • "Julie is high-energy, tenacious, and smart. She is incredibly knowledgeable about and well-known within the A/E/C campus market—but her diligence and vivacity would be an asset in any industry. She perpetually generates new business connections and maintains lasting relationships with clients. Julie also has a great sense of humor and is a pleasure to work with! I readily give her my highest recommendation."

    Liz Juusola Modus
  • "Julie’s passion for client development shines through in her enthusiasm for it. She is dependable, task oriented, and has the ability to rise to any challenge. Julie was an integral part of Shawmut’s ability to attract new clients and maintain existing client relationships; her talent for organization and tracking project leads are a testament to her dedication and highly motivated personality. It was a pleasure to work beside her in planning and facilitating events for multiple conferences and clients. I consider her a great friend and ally in the industry."

    Chloe Louis Bouscaren NBBJ
  • "Julie once again hosted a terrific event that toed the line of casual sophistication very well. I was able to connect with people I have been looking to meet from designers to installers. Well done Julie, I plan to attend all of your future events at BRIX".

    Nick Fair Consulting Engineering Services
  • Julie Brown, you are quite a force of nature!

    Andrew Sidford Andrew Sidford Architecture
  • “Julie Brown understands the higher education market and is on the front end of business development - knowing the opportunities to grow business in the greater New England region.”

    Tracey Barrett Shawmut Design and Construction
  • "As a business development professional I have always looked up to Julie. Her intelligence and spunk draws you in and her ability to create lifelong connections is truly admirable. I was a newbie to the industry and she took me under her wing and demonstrated how to build valuable long lasting relationships and for that I am forever thankful. It is not every day you get to meet someone with so much passion for what they do and helping others out."

    Fasha Onorato Director of Marketing/Business Development, R.W. Sullivan Engineering
  • "Julie’s presentation was by far one of the best informational programs I’ve ever attended! She offered applicable tips in a fun and interactive way. I highly recommend this program for all professionals that have either avoided networking or have found themselves in that awkward networking situation. You will walk away with the knowledge and confidence to start building critical relationships for success."

    Lisa Frisbie American General Contractors, MA

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