“Julie is an informative, engaging and hysterically funny speaker. She knows her stuff and delivers it in a memorable way. She Rocks!”

-Audience Member


“Julie is an informative, engaging and hysterically funny speaker. She knows her stuff and delivers it in a memorable way. She Rocks!”

-Audience Member


THAT! Is what will transform your career and your business. I want to build a whole new idea in your head about networking and the power of relationship building in business. And my promise to you is that your audience will walk away believing that This Shit Works and that if I can do it, so can they!


This Sh!t Works: Networking Your Way to More Friends, More Adventures and Way More Success

This transformative keynote unravels the mysteries of networking, leading audiences from grasping the “why” to mastering the “how,” Julie delves into the strategies, secrets, and proven techniques that elevate your networking game from ‘meh’ to ‘heck yeah!’ Say goodbye to the mundane exchange of business cards and hello to a whole new way of networking. Listen in as Julie teaches you how to forge connections crucial for career transformation, leveraging relationships like a ninja with a black belt in success, and discovering the hidden treasure trove of opportunities lurking within your network for a career glow-up like no other! Let’s make networking as exciting as it should be!

Networking Your Way to Increased Influence and Success - A Women’s Specific Keynote

Did you know that one of the single biggest limiting factors for women in business is the lack of a strong network? How is that possible in the new millennium?!

It’s time to change the game. Women often find themselves without the crucial support networks that can catapult their careers to new heights.  In this empowering keynote Julie dives into the secrets of effective networking, both inside and outside your company. Discover how building these connections can give you the proximity to power you need to accelerate your career or business. It’s more than just meeting people—it’s about creating a network that champions your success every step of the way. Let’s network, support, and succeed together!

Next Gen Networking: Building Your Future From Campus to Career

Hey Gen Z! Tired of hearing how your generation is glued to screens, allergic to hard work, and can’t handle face to face interactions? It’s time to shatter those myths and show the world what you’re truly capable of. Join us for an electrifying keynote that flips the script on Gen Z stereotypes and equips you with the ultimate toolkit for transforming your college connections into career-changing relationships.

In this high-energy presentation Julie dives into the misconceptions that often hold Gen Z back and reveal the hidden strengths that make you uniquely powerful in today’s dynamic job market. We’ll explore how to leverage your digital fluency, creative problem-solving skills, and passion for authenticity to build a network that not only supports your career aspirations but also propels you toward success.

The Network Effect: How to Attract & Retain Great Employees

Studies show that an often overlooked prerequisite to employee success, retention and happiness is the effective building and use of internal networks. In this keynote Julie unveils a 4 part framework for companies to weave a tapestry of relationships within their ranks, creating a web of connections that uplift, empower, and propel employees. Discover how fostering these connections from day one can supercharge productivity, innovation, and engagement in both new and existing roles, boosting employee retention and catapulting their success to new heights. It’s time to build a workplace where success thrives through connections!

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