How to Tackle the 10 Most Difficult Conversations in the Workplace

JULIE BROWN: THIS SH!T WORKS PODCAST EPISODE 138: How to Tackle the 10 Most Difficult Conversations the Workplace_SHOW NOTES Air Date: 3.29.23 A recent survey from VitalSmarts revealed that more than 80% of workers are hiding from at least one uncomfortable conversation at work.  And Google data reveals that when it comes to the difficult […]

Discovering the Hidden Job Market to Propel Your Career with Loren Greiff

Today’s job market is experiencing the most radical, unprecedented shift in history. The pandemic forced us to look at work life balance, are we happy, does our work matter, does our work fulfill us? If the pandemic has caused us to look at work in such a radically different way, then why are we searching […]

Networking vs Learning: How to Leverage Both While Attending Conferences

74% of event planners said the value for people attending conferences was in networking and relationship-building.  Knowing that networking and relationship building trump the learning sessions, what can event organizers do with this information? What can you do if you are planning a company retreat, or annual meeting to ensure that the learning objectives coincide […]

Lying Fallow – The Creative Effect of Down Time

There is a term in agriculture called lying fallow, the definition of which is to remain uncultivated, unused, unproductive, for a time. Studies show that a field that has been allowed to lie fallow for just a year produces a higher crop yield when it is again used for planting. Idle time is important for […]

How to Be Awesomer with Kevin Kepple

Can you elevate your behavior? Can you stop being efficient at doing the things that don’t need to be done? Can you increase the trust and connection that others have with you so they can be invested in your vision? And can you learn to stop having an opinion about everything and opt for kindness […]

Why Your Emails Suck and How to Fix Them

The average office worker receives 121 emails every workday. So, how can your email stand out and get noticed among all the competition? Listen in to learn how subject lines, emojis, lists and more can make your email irresistible to read! Drink of the week….chocolate martini If you liked what you heard today, please leave […]

How to Rock Your LinkedIn Profile with Lindsey McMillion Stemann

More than 2 people join LinkedIn EVERY SECOND! And it’s used by more than 58 million companies, and 4 out of 5 people on LinkedIn drive business decisions, which is why it is the best social platform for lead generation. But! If you are going to tap into the awesome power of LinkedIn you need […]

How I Create A Month of Content Ideas in 1 Hour with Deanna Seymour

If you have ever wondered how I come up with the crazy ideas for my newsletter, or how I create so much content for LinkedIn, Instagram and even this podcast every month this is the episode for you. Listen in on my monthly meeting with Deanna, my marketing manager to hear how we come up […]

How to Channel Your Inner Rock Star with G. Wright

When you see a performer at the top of their game, killing it from the stage, looking effortless in their ability – it can be easy to forget the hours, weeks and years of practice that went into that performance.  Did you know that Beyonce and her team rehearsed for 8 months for a 1.5 […]

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