The 3 Types of Perfectionism with Nicole Baker Holleman

Most people think perfectionists are super type A, organized, immaculate, always put together. Would you be surprised that that is hardly ever the case. You may be suffering from one of the three types of perfectionism and not even know it.  Listen in as I talk with coach Nicole Baker Holleman about the 3 types […]

A Potpourri of Marketing Tactics with Ilise Benun

It’s a veritable hodgepodge of marketing tips in this week’s episode. From how to reach out to past clients, how to build momentum in your business, avoiding feast or famine cycles and what do CATs have to do with confidence. Listen in to find out.  Drink of the week….Corona Sunrise  Click to BUY MY BOOK! […]

Why Networking Clusters Are the Key to Your Success

What if I told you that one of the most accurate predictors of business success is whether or not your network is an open network or a closed one. Interested? Listen in to learn how to structure your network into open clusters for maximum success! Drink of the day: Cluster Fuck Click to BUY MY […]

How to Create Serendipitous Conversations Jen Hardy

What if we looked at the creative, open-ended conversations that we tend to have in the hallways, starbucks lines and elevators as a metaphor for the kind of conversations we need in the many conferences and networking events we attend every year.  Listen in as I talk with author and podcast host Jen Hardy about […]

5 Ways to Network When You Have No Time to Network

With our daily schedules packed with meetings, deadlines, errands and obligations how can anyone find the time to network? Listen in for my 5 ways to network when you have absolutely no time to network.  Click to BUY MY BOOK! CLICK TO DOWNLOAD CHAPTER ONE AUDIO FREE Click to BOOK ME AS A SPEAKER Click […]

8 Ways to Make Your Next Meeting More Engaging

Meetings are an important part of working and collaborating together but they can also be a huge bore, a timesuck and frankly a waste of time if people aren’t engaged in the meeting, or invested in the people at the table or the outcome.  With most executives spending on average 23 hours a week in […]

TSW Short: How to Use Nostalgia to Better Connect with Others

By definition nostalgia is a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations. But nostalgia is also a highly social emotion that helps connect us to other people. Listen in to learn how nostalgia can give us more confidence and help us build better relationships. […]

TSW Short: The Surprising Reason Why You Should Reach Out to an Old Friend

A recent study has found that people constantly underestimate how much others appreciate it when someone in their social circle unexpectedly reaches out to them. The study also found that the more surprising the reach out is, meaning the longer it has been between connections, the more people appreciate it. Listen in for further findings […]

6 Ways to Infuse Trail Magic Into Your Network

Trail magic is a term used by hikers along the Appalachian Trail that describes the unforeseen help and support provided by others as you make your hike. Trail magic is given to hikers through transportation, food, and genuine kindness, but it is not done out of expectations for something in return. Though everyone may have […]

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