Strengthening Relationships While Social Distancing

Julie Brown | Strengthening Relationships while Social Distancing

The world is different right now, we are working differently, but we are all still just human beings all trying to get through this global pandemic together. If we can’t connect deeply with other people now, when can we? Check out my video for tips on connecting during social distancing.

I Wrote A Book!

Julie Brown | I Wrote A Book!

The people you meet can change your life like nothing else. Networking is how you meet those people. This Shit Works: A No-Nonsense Guide to Networking Your Way to More Friends, More Adventures, and More Success is a refreshingly entertaining and highly informative guide to building your power network.

Book cover for "This Shit Works" by Julie Brown


"This Shit Works"

My new book is now available on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble in Kindle, Nook and Paperback.