A Brief History of Recessions in the United States

A rising number of financial experts say the US is headed into a recession. By looking at the history of recessions in the United States what we learn is that they are a natural, yet unpleasant and sometimes painful, part of the business cycle.  Listen in as I take us through a brief history of […]

Happy Friends, Happier You: How Your Friends Happiness Affects Yours

We’ve all heard the saying Happy Wife, Happy Life. But science and research actually shows that it may be more like Happy Friends, Happier You.  Studies show that behavior is influenced three degrees out. Meaning, you are affected by the whims of friends of friends of friends — and similarly, they by you. Political views, […]

How Storytelling Can Make You a Better Networker with Tyler Foley

We’ve always been taught that in the event we have stage fright, in order to calm our nerves we should envision the audience naked. I’m not exactly sure where this gem of a tactic came from but let’s just say it’s never worked for me.  My guest on the podcast today wants to turn that […]

100th Episode of This Sh!t Works!

In thinking about how to celebrate the 100th episode I started to wonder why I even cared that it was the 100th episode. Like is the number 100 really better than say the number 83?    Why do we care so much about the number 100? Listen in to learn why we gravitate towards whole […]

10 Ways to Bring Good Karma to Your Network

Studies show that most of us believe in Karma – even if we don’t admit it. Do you believe in it?  Do you agree that it’s a Bitch as the saying goes? Karma really speaks of the spiritual cycle of cause and effect. When we perform good deeds and have good intentions we are adding […]

3 Strategies to Start Investing in Cryptocurrency with Josh Rhodes

Cryptocurrency has the fastest adoption rate of any form of currency in the history of currency. But, only 10% of the entire population has invested in. Meaning 90% of people know nothing or close to nothing about it. My guest today wants to change that. Josh Rhodes, the owner of Crypto Y’all wants everyone to […]

When Holidays Hurt: How to Cope with Difficult Occasions

According to the National Center for Fathering, “More than 20 million children live in a home without the physical presence of a father. If it were classified as a disease, fatherlessness would be an epidemic worthy of attention as any national emergency.” Fathers day can be difficult for people in your network for a number […]