How to Use Facial Decoding for Better Networking and Communication – Descript

Step into the fascinating world of communication mastery with Brian Galke, a wizard of facial decoding. Imagine possessing the superpower to decipher someone’s preferred communication style even before they utter a single word! Picture yourself confidently navigating a bustling room, armed with the knowledge of the perfect way to connect with each person present. Join […]

Unleashing Your Inner WOO! Ric Flair Style

In this episode I am reflecting on my childhood obsession with wrestling, particularly the flamboyant Nature Boy, Ric Flair. Ric Flair’s iconic “Woo!” isn’t just a wrestling catchphrase; it’s a symbol that transcends the ring and permeates hip hop culture and extends to various sports, inspiring athletes to adopt aspects of his charismatic persona. Listen […]

How to Create A Personality Brand with Danielle Hughes

Is your bio stiff and formal, is your LinkedIn profile as plain as wonder bread? Would you like to infuse some personality into your online business presence but you’re nervous that if you do you might look unprofessional? Listen in as I talk with Chief Personality Office Danielle Hughes about how being more authentic in […]

The 5 Behaviors of High-Performing Teams

Would it surprise you to learn that in a recent study only 8.7% of teams deem themselves “high performing”. Meaning that 91.3% of teams are not performing to their full potential.  So, what are the behaviors that team members need to exhibit in order for their teams to perform at a high level? Listen in […]

How to Stop Waiting for the Phone to Ring and Get Off Your Ass

The key to building a thriving business isn’t passive waiting; it’s proactive engagement. Listen in to discover how I created a strategy that involved outreach, marketing, networking, and active engagement with potential clients to set myself up to have the best year in my business yet. Drink of the week….Brave Bull  10 Questions to Ask […]

Networking and Neurodiversity

Neurodivergent is a nonmedical term that describes people whose brains develop or work differently for some reason. This means the person has different strengths and struggles from people whose brains develop or work more typically. Because of this, networking situations can be more anxiety inducing and difficult than for neurotypical persons. Listen in to discover […]

Holiday Replay: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing

Big data studies show that there is a two hour window during the day that doctors are more likely to give a fatal dose of anesthesia? In that same two hours students are more likely to bomb on standardized tests and CEO’s are more likely to say something stupid on quarterly earnings calls. These two […]

Holiday Replay: From Chump to Champ with Darren LaCroix

Darren LaCroix, is the only speaker in the world who is an Accredited Speaker, Certified Speaking Professional and a World Champion of Public Speaking.  Listen in as Darren discusses how during his journey from chump to champ he discovered a formula that yielded such abundant success, it surprised even himself.  Drink of the Week: Rat […]

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