How to Not Let Words Get in the Way of Sounding Human with Terri Trespicio

No matter what the activity – whether it is when we are writing an email, putting together a bio, giving a speech, starting a conversation at a networking event – it’s always the first word that is the hardest to utter – but then from there the opposite happens – we let the words take […]

5 Reasons Why Your Diversity Statement is Turning Candidates Off

The first known diversity statement was published in 1987 by Xerox Corporation which declared its commitment to diversity and its belief that a diverse workforce was essential for business success.  In the wake of the Black Lives Matter and #MeToo movements, companies rushed to create DEI statements that were posted on their websites, career pages […]

Validation is for Parking: How to Beat the Confidence Con with Nicole Kalil

Where does confidence come from? Does it come from perfectionism and keeping up appearances or does it come from knowing who we are and maybe more importantly who we are not – and being absolutely okay with both of those things.  Listen in to this week’s episode as I talk with Nicole Kalil, (a repeat […]

Why Fake It Till You Make It is a Sh!t Strategy

We’ve all heard it – dress for the job you want, not the job you have, or act like you’ve been here before – or my favorite – fake it till you make it.  Listen in to learn why catchy pieces of advice like that are actually shit strategies and may be holding you back […]

Owning Your Kingdom or Queendom with Jevon Wooden

Life is not about working till you die! But so many of us think of it that way. What if we could design a life in which we own our day, we take back out time and we could still accomplish all the things on our to do list with ample time for play? Listen […]

How to Tackle the 10 Most Difficult Conversations in the Workplace

JULIE BROWN: THIS SH!T WORKS PODCAST EPISODE 138: How to Tackle the 10 Most Difficult Conversations the Workplace_SHOW NOTES Air Date: 3.29.23 A recent survey from VitalSmarts revealed that more than 80% of workers are hiding from at least one uncomfortable conversation at work.  And Google data reveals that when it comes to the difficult […]

Discovering the Hidden Job Market to Propel Your Career with Loren Greiff

Today’s job market is experiencing the most radical, unprecedented shift in history. The pandemic forced us to look at work life balance, are we happy, does our work matter, does our work fulfill us? If the pandemic has caused us to look at work in such a radically different way, then why are we searching […]

Networking vs Learning: How to Leverage Both While Attending Conferences

74% of event planners said the value for people attending conferences was in networking and relationship-building.  Knowing that networking and relationship building trump the learning sessions, what can event organizers do with this information? What can you do if you are planning a company retreat, or annual meeting to ensure that the learning objectives coincide […]

Lying Fallow – The Creative Effect of Down Time

There is a term in agriculture called lying fallow, the definition of which is to remain uncultivated, unused, unproductive, for a time. Studies show that a field that has been allowed to lie fallow for just a year produces a higher crop yield when it is again used for planting. Idle time is important for […]

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